January 12th 2022 Opening Ceremony 9:00am

Any NCCC Tech Wars Questions, Contact: Adam Taber,

Waiting on date approval. Will be announced shortly

Event Rules

2D Technical Drawing using CAD/High School

Architectural Design/High School

Cardboard Chair Competition/High School

Parametric Modeling/High School 9th-10th Grade

Parametric Modeling/High School 11th-12th Grade

RC King of the Hill/High School

STEM Challenge/Middle & High School

Landscape Photo Contest/High School

Trebuchet Design Challenge/Middle & High School

Vex EDR- Tipping Point/Middle & High School

Vex IQ/Middle School

Mouse Trap Cars/Middle School

Logo T-Shirt/Middle & High School

Video Contest/Middle & High School

Short Track CO2 Car Race/Middle School

Bridge Building/Middle and High School

R/C Capture the Flag/High School

Bridge Building/High School

2020 Archived rules/regulations and pictures: