January 10th 2024 Opening Ceremony 9:00am

Any NCCC Tech Wars Questions, Contact: Adam Taber, ataber@starpointcsd.org

Please Complete the 2024 Registration by Monday December 18th https://forms.gle/YNpmb1qPcWmYXnUs6

Event Rules

Green Events are for High School Only

Yellow Events are for both Middle and High School

Orange Events are for Middle School Only

Architectural Design High School

2D Technical Drawing using CAD High School

Picture Frame Drop Off High School

Cardboard Chair Competition/High School

Parametric Modeling/High School 9th-10th Grade

Parametric Modeling/High School 11th-12th Grade

3D Printed “OUTLAW” CO2 Car STEM Project High School

R/C Capture the Flag High School

RC King of the Hill High School

Landscape Photo Contest/High School

Wood Bridge Building High School

Logo T-Shirt Middle & High School

Small Bridge Competition Middle & High School

On-Site Stem Challenge Middle & High School

Vex V5 Middle & High School

Video Contest Middle & High School

Trebuchet Contest Middle & High School

CO2 Cars (Short Track) Middle School

Mousetrap Cars Middle School