Please click on this link to view download the registration form along with all the events and their respective rules.

One thought on “ECC City Tech Wars Registration and Event List Now Live

  1. Samuel Castanza says:

    I had a couple questions regarding registration for Tech Wars this year at ECC. We have a few different Technology clubs here Robotics, Programming, and a General Tech club. Some students are members of all three. We are trying to split up the events between clubs, but I wanted to figure out if it would conflict with the scheduling of the events. For example I have some students that want to compete in both the Computer Application event and the Mouse trap car event. Maybe I missed it if there is a schedule posted, but I was wondering if they would be able to compete in both events? Another question: is there a limit to how many of our students will be able to compete in the Mouse trap car event or the Computer Application events?

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