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5 thoughts on “ECC South Tech Wars 2024 Rules and Regulations

  1. Brett Shickluna says:

    Hello, this is Brett Shickluna from Buffalo State College. I am messaging you in regards to this up coming tech wars competition. Buffalo State College’s Technology Education department has created a team of students to represent them as their TEECA group for this year. This TEECA group that was created, myself being one of them, was wondering if there is a way we would be able to help out at this up coming Tech Wars competition on May 12th. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

    1. wnytea says:

      I am sorry about the delay in response, I never received a notice of the comment. We thank you for your offer and I have notified the Executive committee of WNYTEA and we will reach out to you shortly. Thank you again!!!

    2. Edward Hayes says:

      Brett – looking back and reading your comment about your TEECA group wanting to help with Tech Wars at ECC City last year. Is this group still in existance and if so are you still interested in assisting with Tech Wars?
      Thank you for your interest
      Ed Hayes

  2. Summer says:

    I am so glad I get to come here for the “Tech Wars Air Race” competition. I am excited to see is I can come!

    1. wnytea says:

      We are excited to be able to offer Tech Wars this year!! Thank you for your participation!!!

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