A message from Myles:

Hello, My name is Myles and I am working on my master’s project at Buffalo State. I have created a survey/quiz for students in middle or high school technology classes to participate in. I am researching to see how much knowledge of basic hand tools students have entering the class. It is completely anonymous and should take about 10 minutes to complete through the link provided. I have also included a pdf file of the survey that can be used as a pre assessment test or review for educators to use in technology classes. Once I have the data compiled, I will send the results out for anyone interested. I am looking to gather data only in the Western New York area and have surveys completed by March 26. Survey: https://forms.gle/gcDL8kk6xTpx45GS8
Thank you for your time and participation, Myles Marshall

Any questions for Myles please reach out to us for his email address! Good luck on your master’s project!